Motion control system

Active traffic control at intersections in directions; adapted modes of intermediate traffic light cycles using arrays RiLSA InterGreen; priority passage of public transport, special equipment, automobile columns (Multi-Ring Full Actuated).

Automatic fixation of traffic violations

Speed; driving on a prohibition signal, crossing the stop line; stop, parking; intersection of lanes (exit into oncoming lanes); dedicated lanes; intersection of railway crossings, etc.

Automatic monitoring and traffic control

Vehicle type identification; license plate recognition; vehicle check on license plates in the database; Traffic Laws; automatic generation of statistical reports and traffic flow analysis; analysis of changes in weather conditions.

Parking space management

Access control; redundancy management; permission management; Ticketing; loyalty program; payment process; damage tracking; tracking violations; towing.

Automated toll road system

Vehicle identification; determining the type of vehicle payable; vehicle classification; transaction processing; maintaining customer accounts, making payments and processing requests; fixing violations; reduced unpaid tolls; automatic license plate recognition.

Dynamic weight and dimensional control

Weight control; determining the number of axles of the vehicle; fixing violations; license plate recognition; vehicle size measurement; automatic classification of vehicles.