Corporative Portals

InnoTech Solutions offers a full cycle of portal solutions development and implementation. These solutions allow ensuring online access to data sources and applications and establish cooperation with all types of corporative information.

Electronic Document Management

Development of electronic document management systems including production document flow, HES, sales process support, solutions for management accounting systems.

Enterprise Resource Management

Components and system modules of enterprise management (ERP-systems) implementation and integration to support the entire production and commercial cycle of the company.


Development and implementation of CRM systems and their individual modules, including the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, integration and development of SalesForce CRM modules.

Data Quality Management

Creating data quality management solutions based on SAP, Microsoft, Talend products, as well as data quality management modules for individual customer tasks.

Management Analytics

BI-system development and implementation of ready-made solutions including reporting automatisation, processing of non-structured information, data visualisation etc.


Efficient solutions for online business management from trading platforms and internet auction to platforms for online-planning, social media and solutions in entertainment area.

Accounting and Reporting

Accounting automatisation programs which facilitate cutting data processing expenditures, decrease mistake quantity and receive accurate data about the efficiency of organisation work. Information is protected from its loss or leak and its safety is guaranteed by constant replication.

BI systems

Implementation of analytical platforms allowing leaders to make informed management decisions based on available information. Thanks to Business Intelligence, managers and workers get a possibility to solve key problems simultaneously starting from online access to information and ending with the modeling of key performance indicators.

Service Electronic Channels

Remote Bank – distance access to the services of finance institution: bills payment, money transaction, card statements. Clients by using save electronic channels transmit its orders to the bank and receive the information they need.


Creation of interactive, multifunctional solutions for trading platforms and portals, payment and billing systems, as well as the provision of ready-made solutions for online stores.


Implementation of software products allowing risk managing: detecting and producing an assessment of its types, taking appropriate measures in advance to prevent losses for the company.