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development and implementation of complex IT-solutions

Our Services

InnoTech Solutions – Belarusian software development company that has long-term work experience in IT-outsourcing and an established process of development and implementation of complex solutions as well.

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Comprehensive IT consulting services, including an integrated audit of the company's IT infrastructure and assistance in its improvement in accordance with the current business needs.

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Specialised Development

Formation of specialised development teams based on time-tested, individually adaptable cooperation strategies.

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Custom Software Development

A full range of custom software development services, including the development of solutions from scratch in accordance with the individual client’s vision.

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Independent testing

Independent software testing and quality control services for developers and users.

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Information Security

Validation of corporate information systems will help identify vulnerabilities and best protect corporate data and applications from internal and external threats.

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Maintenance and Support

The whole range of services for technical support and support of software solutions, from the independent evaluation of the system to support 24/7.


InnoTech Solutions LLC is an integrator and software developer (organization-developer code No. 45700), is in the Register of Manufacturers of Goods (Works, Services) under No. Р-9474-2018, and is engaged in the development and implementation of integrated infrastructure solutions.

The quality management system for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of software, information systems and automated control systems, including with the use of cloud technologies and scientific research, meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015 (No. BY / 112 05.01.056 08001) .

InnoTech Solutions LLC has a special permission (license) from the Operational and Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 01019/427 and is entitled to carry out activities for the technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information.

The company team currently has 40 people. Specialists have many years of experience in implementing complex infrastructure projects in many countries around the world, introducing automated systems for monitoring and metering electricity based on their own solutions, as well as creating automated process control systems. For example, at present, InnoTech Solutions LLC, together with STC UES JSC (Russia), is implementing a project to automatically control the frequency and power of the Belarusian energy system.

Our company has partnerships with companies such as: Dell EMC, Cisco, Kaspersky Lab, 1C and several other companies.


The company has its own product line of software for the following systems:

● SofIT - Telemedicine Services Software Platform - Health. Completely Belarusian development for the organization of modern integration interaction between a person - a medical center - an insurance company.

● Software SofIT - Insurance. Automated insurance company activity management system.

● Software for an integrated integration platform for collecting, processing and displaying energy accounting data and a single Smart City platform that supports NB-IoT technologies as part of a Data Acquisition and Processing Server (SofIT-Collection), Web client (SofIT Web).

● Software SofIT - SCADA. Software for building industrial control systems for various purposes.

● Software SofIT - Shield. Software for building information security systems and ensuring integrity control of files and configurations.

We have high competencies in providing outsourcing services for software development and web development, IT consulting, application integration, business process analysis, software testing, maintenance and support. We are specialists in the following areas: energy, insurance, medicine, agriculture, information security.

We can carry out various projects using the following technologies:

WEB - projects: Python, Django, Aiohttp, TypeScript, Angular or TypeScript, Angular, JavaScript, NodeJs.

Windows software: C #, .Net, WPF, WCF, Telerik or C ++, Qt.

Linux software: C ++, Qt.

Mobile apps (iOS, Android): C #, Xamarin, Telerik.

We work with DBMS: MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Oracle.

We use an individual approach to all our customers and their projects. To succeed and provide high-quality products and services, we have chosen a fast-paced and easily adaptable approach. Automation of all processes makes the development process transparent to our customers. Along with development processes based on classic methodologies such as RUP, MSF, and CMMI, InnoTech Solutions uses modern approaches such as agile software development, TDD, especially DDD and a Scrum-based model.

However, no matter what model we choose, we guarantee the high quality of our products and strict adherence to the budget of the Customer.

One of the main features of the company that clearly distinguishes us from the variety of similar IT companies is its high expertise and specialization in the field of Data science.

Below is a list of technologies and knowledge in which our specialists have specific experience.

Data mining and model building using the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) methodology

The main Python development language, including standard data processing libraries:

SciPy - a library for performing scientific and engineering calculations;

NumPy - a library designed to work with multidimensional arrays;

scikit-learn - machine learning library;

Pandas - a library for manipulating numerical tables and time series;

Matplotlib - a library for visualizing data of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) graphics;

NLTK - a package of libraries and programs for symbolic and statistical processing of a natural language;

XGBoost - implementation of gradient boosting algorithm on decision trees;

● and many other Python libraries.

Big data:

Hadoop (MapReduce, Spark)


Data preprocessing:

PCA is one of the main ways to reduce the dimensionality of data by losing the least amount of information.

● Data normalization

Covariance, Correlation, Correlation matrix - identification of relationships between features, analysis of correlations

Machine Learning Algorithms:

Linear regression - extrapolation of the dependence by a linear function;

Logistic regression - extrapolating dependencies with a logarithmic function

The support vector method - translation of the original vectors into a space of higher dimension and the search for a separating hyperplane with a maximum gap in this space;

"Random Forest" - an ensemble of decisive trees;

Gradient boosting - sequential construction of ensembles of algorithms;

Model ensembles - combining different algorithms to achieve the best result: Boosting, Bagging, Stacking

Clustering Algorithms: k-means (k-means) - minimization of the total quadratic deviation of the points of the clusters from the centers of these clusters; k-nearest neighbors - definition of the class most common among k neighbors of this element, the classes of which are already known; DBSCAN - clustering algorithm based on data distribution density.

● Anomaly Detection

Neural networks:

Convolutional neural networks

● frameworks - Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch

CUDA - software and hardware architecture of parallel computing

LSTM and other recurrent neural networks

GAN - Generative-adversarial networks

Time Series:

● Bringing the time series to stationary

Dickey-Fuller Test

● Select components. Fourier expansion.

● Smoothing time series

StatsModels - a library for working with statistical models

● ARMA, ARiMA, SARiMA - methods of working with time series